Budgets and funding for the DGRP

The Detroit Gospel Reissue Project has generously been funded by a matching arts grant from the Knight Foundation. Sales for the subscription series will go towards matching the funds set aside by the Knight Foundation.

The following budget was for when we thought we were releasing 5 LPs, rather than 6 LPs and one 7". We will simply raise more money than we had initially planned to cover the costs.

This is an average of what we will spend per title, in the interest of full transparency, and love. We are so grateful for this level of support, which allows the project to pay artists and/or labels as well as others involved a decent rate, while delivering a quality product at a low cost.

BUDGET Detroit Gospel Reissue Project

Full breakdown per release for Detroit Gospel Reissue Project

5 LPs -- $7,200 apiece total, including pre-production, expanded artist payments and licensing, manufacturing, and publicity for each release

$2,600            Artist license/ royalties
$250               Pre-production
$300               Graphic design 
$350               LP Liner notes printed
$400               Audio mastering 
$750               Cover jacket printing
$1450             Vinyl manufacturing 
$550               Lacquer mastering and two-step plating 
$200               CD duplication (largely promotional/ for the artists)  -- though we wil likely offer CD versions of the series here in a few days! No tapes though sorry.   
$350               Publicity 

$7,200            SUBTOTAL for each reissued releases


$36,000          x5 releases = TOTAL for the entire project