Records batch two will ship in January -- krikey this took us longer than we thought it would, sorry!

UPDATE, 11/29/2017: First off, I don't want to say "Thanks for your patience" to all who've signed up for the Detroit Gospel Reissue Project, because subscribers didn't have a choice but to be patient here. But, stuff is almost ready, and the quality of this music is insanely high, so we cannot wait to get it out to you.

The remaining four titles are all at Third Man Pressing here in Detroit and will be finished by the end of December, 2017. The jackets are being hand-made by us, using paste-on and stamp technology. Everything looks and sounds amazing. Warren Defever did such a great job with mastering these; as you can hear if you subscribed (you should have received an email with links to sound files). And as with last time, Third Man's work is beyond-stellar on the test pressings we have in hand.

All delays are entirely my fault -- me, Mike McGonigal. This project has been graciously funded by an arts grant from the wonderful Knight Foundation, and they have been super supportive and awesome. Basically, I wrote the grant for four titles and then extended it out to seven titles, without really working out the, you know, math. Thanks to the grant, artists and right holders have been paid twice what they'd otherwise be able to; the Pure Heart Travelers, for instance, received $1,750, for 600 units of their Call the Angels record, plus inclusion on a compilation record.

Other stuff is in the works, including a 7" of unreleased Johnson Spiritual Singers rehearsal tracks that are out of this world.